The 5th Witch

Meet The 5th Witch...

We're incredibly excited to announce the ebook publication of The 5th Witch, an action-packed and gripping novel from the bestselling Graham Masterton.

Graham Masterton is a uniquely brilliant writer with an exceptional track record across multiple genres. He is an extraordinary storyteller, writing darkly imaginative and utterly compelling narratives in whatever category he turns his hand to. What readers want, and particularly ebook readers, are great stories; plots and worlds that just don't let go, where you lose yourself completely. You won't find anyone better than Masterton for that.

In The 5th Witch, a group of L.A. gangsters forge an alliance with witches... Suffice to say, the LAPD are hardly prepared for this eventuality and the results are pretty horrifying (and thrilling to read). Pacy, punchy, addictive and fully-realised, this will appeal not only to Masterton's sizeable readership but to anyone who wants to get lost in a no-holds-barred page-turner.

We're absolutely delighted to be publishing The 5th Witch, and cannot wait for launch date: Thursday 25 February.

The 5th Witch

The 5th Witch

How do you fight criminals who aren’t human?

From the bestselling Graham Masterton, an unputdownable story of a deadly alliance between L.A. gangsters and terrifying witches...

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