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A Different War

Mitchell Gant has uncovered a secret, and is about to blow it sky-high

When a new American airliner crashes mysteriously in the Arizona desert on its final test flight, suspicions are raised. Is it simply an accident? Or could it be foul play? Mitchell Gant, the hero of Firefox, now an expert on aviation accidents, must risk his life by repeating the test flight to reveal the truth.

Meanwhile, in Britain, plane manufacturer Aero UK is in trouble - no one wants to purchase their new passenger jet. Aero’s head, David Winterborne, is ruthlessly determined to prevent his empire’s collapse, whatever the cost - and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. MP Marian Pyott has found evidence of a massive fraud involving hundreds of millions of pounds, and is tracking it back to him.

When a second airliner crashes off the coast of Finland, Gant and Marian suspect conspiracy, and they must embark on a dangerous search across Europe and America. Against the merciless global market of the Nineties, there are lives as well as fortunes at stake…

From master of the genre Craig Thomas, A Different War is cold, deliberate and thrilling to the very end. Perfect for fans of Jack Higgins and Ben Macintyre.

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