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A Fine Retribution

Captain Alan Lewrie is professionally becalmed. Trapped ashore, he must find any route back to sea…

Captain Alan Lewrie and his small squadron defeat four French frigates off northern Spain, winning honour, glory, and renown. So why is such a successful captain suddenly without a ship, or another active commission? Why do rumours swirl that jealous foes’ powerful patrons are blighting his career?

Months on end ashore, even in entertaining London setting up a household for himself and his retinue put him in serious sulks. Even the prospect of a second marriage is fraught with complications.

Then, at last, the Admiralty calls upon him to develop and command a plan to raid French-held coasts, not with sailors and Marines from his own ship, but with a battalion of Army troops carried in a squadron of transports. It’s intriguing, novel, and a way back to sea, but...can he part from the desirable Jessica Chenery? And if Lewrie does, will his foes allow him to succeed?

Number twenty-three in the Alan Lewrie Naval Adventures, A Fine Retribution is perfect for fans of Patrick O’Brian, Julian Stockwin and C.S. Forester.

Praise for Dewey Lambdin

‘Great naval action and deep historical detail in the vein of O’Brian and Forester’Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

‘You could get addicted to this series. Easily.’ New York Times Book Review

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