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After the One

‘A treat of a book about love and friendship - sip a Prosecco and enjoy!’ Jacqueline Wilson, bestselling author of The Story of Tracy Beaker   

How do you move on after The One?

April 16th is always one of Charley’s worst days of the year.

It’s her husband’s birthday, a painful reminder of his death four years ago.

So naturally, her car breaks down.

She nearly gets run over trying to catch the bus.

And then she’s made redundant.

Her friends see the redundancy as a chance for her to start again and live the life she always wanted, but since being widowed Charley has clung to familiarity and avoided change like the plague. Then, out of the blue, her mother-in-law Pam pitches up in need of a place to stay after walking out on her 40-year marriage.

Together, Charley and Pam find themselves at a crossroad. It’s not easy to move on after The One, but they can’t stand still forever.

A gorgeously heartwarming and feel-good story for fans of Libby Page and Nicola Gill.

Praise for After the One

‘I loved this sweetly engaging story of two women overcoming heartbreak at different stages of life – it envelopes the reader in a warm hug of friendship and hope.’ Sarah Steele, USA Today bestselling author of The Missing Pieces Of Nancy Moon

‘This was such a sweet and cheering read. With the first fictional mother-in-law I’d actually be glad to have! Everyone needs a Pam.’ Joanna Nadin, author of The Queen of Bloody Everything

'A feel-good story which will appeal to many ages and I look forward to recommending it to customers.' Coles Books, Bicester

‘A beautifully written and heartwarming story about love, loss and finding the courage to start again ... so witty and yet packed full of emotion throughout. I totally loved every second of this story – it really is a must-read!’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Reader review

'I fell in love with the story from the start. The relationship between Pam and Charley is delightful’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Reader review

This is my first Cass Lester book but I'm hoping it won't be my last! This book is full of emotion and truthfulness so you may need a few tissues to hand if you tend to get a bit blubbery but I just absolutely loved it!’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Reader review

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