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Pride comes before the fall.

DSV, the elite secret service tasked with fighting Daedalus, the descendants of the Nazis, are on the run. Framed for a crime they didn’t commit, they are pursued not just by their mortal enemies, but the combined might of world government, as global public enemies number one.

Led by special operative Ethan Munroe, the broken and bruised remnants of the once brilliant task force must evade capture across the world in their relentless pursuit of justice, redemption, and the architect of their downfall, Daedalus Commander Hans Bauer.

Everything will, finally, come to a head in the ruins of a once great city, the site of DSV’s terrible defeat. Among the ashes and the rubble, a war that has been waged for decades will be decided once and for all. For a victor must prevail.

The shattering finale to the hundred-mile-an-hour thriller series, perfect for fans of Lee Child, Adam Hamdy and Mark Greaney.

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