An American Spy

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Ebook ISBN: 9781788636278

A royal scandal, a Nazi conspiracy, the lure of treason.

New York war correspondent Jane Todd has been dispatched to London. Her contact: Major Lucas Dundee, former Los Angeles assistant D.A.

The case: the murder of an American officer – and unsettling implications of treason by a secret band of U.S. soldiers. A sinister trail leads Jane and Lucas to the Scottish Highlands and into the lair of an American tycoon who has sided with Hitler.

The insidious scheme starts with the theft of the Crown Jewels and the humiliation of Edward VIII, and will end with a total Nazi domination of Britain – unless Lucas and Jane can find a way to stop it.

A pulse-pounding spy thriller, set during the heights of World War II, perfect for fans of Rory Clements, Frederick Forsyth and Ken Follett.

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