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An Honourable Thief

1715. A tale of two cities, and the man caught between them.

The Kingdom is riddled with a rumour. The late Queen Anne supposedly left a secret will promising the nation to her half-brother James – the man the Jacobites call the King Over the Water. With George I now settled on the throne, this document could prove devastating.

Enter Jonas Flynt. Gambler. Thief. Killer. Man of honour. A reluctant member of the Company of Rogues, a shady intelligence group run by the ruthless Colonel Charters, Flynt is ordered to recover the document, using any means necessary. But he is not the only one on the hunt…

The trail takes him from London’s dangerous streets to the dark Edinburgh of his childhood, where Flynt is soon embroiled in a long overdue family reunion, a jail break and a brutal street riot.

Come what may he must uncover the truth, about the crown... and about his own past...

An atmospheric and utterly compelling blend of crime, history and thriller, to delight fans of S. G. MacLean, S. W. Perry and C. J. Sansom.

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