The Angel of Eden

Publication Date:
ISBN: 9781788634243

A mysterious tome holds the key to a religious conspiracy millennia old, which could reveal a lost world and the secret origins of the human race…

John Madison is hired by a magician to find a rare sixteenth-century book of sorcery, stolen by the magician’s assistant, and lost to him for thirty-five years.

In his widest reaching journey yet, Madison travels from the great mosques of Istanbul to the ruins of Pergamon and the temples of the Near East. His search will lead him to a revelation of biblical proportions and the secrets behind his own mysterious birth.

The devastating conclusion to the Mesopotamian trilogy, The Angel of Eden is perfect for fans of James Rollins, Scott Mariani and Steve Berry

The Mesopotamian Trilogy

Cover of The Witch of Babylon Cover of The Book of Stolen Tales Cover of The Angel of Eden