Beasts From The Dark

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Ebook ISBN: 9781788636995
Print ISBN: 9781788637695

A pulse-pounding historical adventure from master of the genre Robert Low, perfect for fans of Conn Iggulden and Simon Scarrow.

Drust, Kag and co are in the Alps, battered, bruised and fighting for their lives. Some things never change.

On the hunt for a rogue Roman officer, something goes terribly wrong and they are left stranded in the mountains, their escape route cut off. Only then does the true danger of their mission reveal itself.

For they have been sent by the Emperor himself. Caught in the crossfire not just of the mountain tribes, but of the vicious power politics of Rome, they must use all their cunning and guile to save themselves from death’s icy clutches...

The gripping final instalment of the extraordinary, brutal, visceral historical epic series.

Brothers Of The Sands

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