The Body on the Moor

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Ebook ISBN: 9781800321717
Print ISBN: 9781800325265

You can never escape the past. Especially on the moors...

After the National Crime Agency cracks a major drug gang, junior barrister Julia McGann finds herself defending the violent enforcer Terrence Bonner. This high-profile case is a coup for her, but almost immediately things start to go wrong. Intruders break into her house and then a young girl turns up at her door with a horrifying story to tell.

Three months later, DCI Craig Gillard and his team struggle with the shocking murder of a much respected local headmaster, found dead in his own car. The baffling crime fills the newspapers but yields few clues. As Gillard sifts the evidence, a pair of blood-spattered gloves seems important.

Why were they used for both the murder, and for the burglary at Julia’s house? What secrets is the barrister hiding... and what happened on the Derbyshire Moors two decades ago that could be the key to these shocking events?

A story of deceit, vengeance and blackmail, bestseller Nick Louth will leave you reeling in this unputdownable, unpredictable crime thriller.

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