Bonaparte's Avengers

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ISBN: 9781788632003

Bonaparte’s troops are pushed to their limit in this thrilling historical adventure.

1806: Napoleon Bonaparte’s Grande Armeé is poised for war. But this is no ordinary mission. Having crushed the forces of Austria and Russia the year before, Bonaparte now seeks to avenge the French Army’s annihilation by Frederick the Great’s Prussian forces in 1757. When Prussia refuses to comply with Bonaparte’s demands that they surrender and form an alliance against England, war becomes inevitable.

Sergeant Alain Lausard and his war-weary squadron of dragoons have been through many epic battles under Napoleon’s command and would do anything for their great leader. But as they prepare to enter into yet another bloody campaign that will feature battles at Jena and Auerstadt, their loyalties are stretched to the limit…

The fifth instalment of The Alain Lausard Adventures is perfect for fans of C.S. Forester, Paul Fraser Collard and Bernard Cornwell.

The Alain Lausard Adventures

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