Bonaparte's Horsemen

Publication Date:
ISBN: 9781788632010

An exhausted Grand Armeé must battle both foe and elements.

Poland, 1807: As the Grand Armeé continues its march ever eastwards, Napoleon faces his most difficult challenge to date…

Sergeant Alain Lausard and his loyal dragoons have never known a campaign like it. Anything but fresh from their victory over Frederick’s Prussian forces, Napoleon orders his men onwards into Poland, and headfirst into battle with General Bennigsen and his Russian troops. And the Tsar is not the only enemy that must be overcome: country and climate conspire to make conditions impossible.

The Grande Armeé may be renowned for its ability to move with speed and purpose, but as torrential rain turns Polish roads to quagmires, Europe’s finest are facing a battle hardened foe without their greatest strength. Perhaps not even Bonaparte’s tactical brilliance will be enough to save Lausard and his men from a deadly debacle…

The sixth book in The Alain Lausard Adventures is perfect for fans of Richard Holmes, Ben Kane and Iain Gale.

The Alain Lausard Adventures

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