The Book of Stolen Tales

Publication Date:
ISBN: 9781788634236

A deadly disease threatens humanity, and the only clue lies in an ancient book of fairy tales…

John Madison, a dashing New York art dealer with a dark past, travels to London to purchase a seventeenth-century Italian book of fables for an anonymous client.

Before he can deliver it to the buyer, he is robbed by a man claiming to be the book’s author. When his client disappears and the book’s provenance is questioned, John must immerse himself in the strange world of European aristocracy and rare book collectors.

Trapped within this shady world, the dark origins of familiar fairy tales come to life around him. Faced with mortal peril, Madison discovers that a well-loved children’s story may contain the key to the book’s history, unearthing a necromancer’s spell, the source of a deadly Mesopotamian plague.

The Book of Stolen Tales, second in the nerve shredding Mesopotamian trilogy, is perfect for fans of Raymond Khoury, Kate Mosse and Scott Mariani

The Mesopotamian Trilogy

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