The Clouded Hills

Publication Date:
ISBN: 9781788633468

At sixteen Verity Barforth becomes sole heiress to a fortune founded on the wool mills of Yorkshire. But women - whether heiress or mill hand in the Barforth weaving sheds - do not control their own destinies. Obedient to the conventions of the Victorian age, she accepts a marriage of convenience and cloaks her proud spirit in the silks and satins of a society hostess.

But for Verity, convention is not enough. When at last she falls in love it is not with her husband, and she becomes the centre of a powerful drama of infidelity, jealousy and revenge, played out against the magnificent landscapes of the Yorkshire moors and the brutal poverty of the mills.

The first novel in the Barforth Trilogy, this gripping family saga is perfect for fans of Sandy Taylor, Katie Flynn and Josephine Cox.

The Barforth Trilogy

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