Daisy’s Secret

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Ebook ISBN: 9781800320635

An old secret is about to be uncovered…

Daisy is devastated when her lover, Percy, abandons her. All alone, Daisy is forced by her own mother to give up her baby son for adoption – shortly before she throws Daisy out. War is imminent, and Daisy is evacuated to the Lake District, where she eventually tracks down her black-sheep aunt, Florrie. Together they set up a guest house, and when Daisy meets and falls in love with a young airman, Harry, happiness is within her reach.

The guest house is full of eccentric characters, and all of them use Daisy's shoulder to cry on. But when Percy turns up holding a baby, Daisy is torn between her yearning to reclaim her son and her love for Harry. Will the truth set Daisy free, or break her heart once more?

A compelling saga of wartime struggle and triumph over adversity, perfect for fans of Nancy Revell and Val Wood.

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