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ISBN: 9781911591221

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The family can’t escape their past in the unforgettable conclusion of the Feeney sagas

Richard Feeney’s family believed him dead. Instead, in 1874, Dickie secretly fled to America, where he prospered for 26 years. But now he’s back.

Recriminations are soon forgotten as the family reunites. But the past has a way of catching up with you, and of catching you out.

Dickie has left a trail of chaos, and his long-suffering wife and family are burdened by the consequences. When the Yorkshire Insurance Company learn that Dickie has resurfaced, he must face trial and possible imprisonment. Meanwhile, the police reopen their files on an unsolved double murder…

From the author of A Long Way from Heaven this is an enthralling read for fans of Anna Jacobs and Kitty Neale.

‘Sheelagh Kelly surely can write’ Sunderland Echo