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Dreams of Peace

The war is drawing to a close, but life for the Caldwell sisters is far from peaceful…

Still waiting for her fiancé, James, to return from fighting in North Africa, Imogen focuses her attention on driving for the Auxiliary Territorial Service General. Between work and looking out for her sisters, she soon finds she has very little time left over to worry.

Meanwhile, Elsie continues to nurse her husband back to health, finally content with her quiet family life in Yorkshire. But she is nostalgic for happier times, before the war, and longs to be reunited with her sisters again.

Daisy is also desperate for an end to the war – she fears for her love, Glenn, and longs to see him return home safely. In these uncertain times, she needs all the support Imogen and Elsie can give to her.

When yet another tragedy befalls the Caldwell family, will the sisters be able to lift each other up to carry on?

The captivating finale to the Second World War set Caldwell Sisters series, perfect for fans of Emma Hornby, Elaine Everest and Katie Flynn.

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