Erin’s Child

Publication Date:
ISBN: 9781911591214

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Family ties have united the Feeneys through famine and poverty, but can they withstand success?

It is 1875 and the Feeneys have left the squalor of York’s slums behind them. Yet all is not well. Patrick remains a man of simple tastes, increasingly out of touch with Thomasin’s ambition to expand her business empire still further across Yorkshire.

After losing their son, the Feeneys’ hopes for the family’s future now lie with their grandchildren.  There is Rosanne, set to follow a rebel lover down a star-crossed road, and Erin’s daughter Belle, gifted and headstrong but born with a disability.

But what happens next will test them all.

Erin’s Child is the third book in the Feeney Family Sagas. Packed with humour, life and drama, it is an unputdownable account of one family’s struggle to survive.

‘A fine romance in Sheelagh Kelly’s popular series’ Yorkshire Evening Post