Into the Fire

Publication Date:
ISBN: 9781788630351

Summer 1943: an undercover mission to occupied France.

Rosie Ewing is an agent of SOE – Special Operations Executive – and a ‘pianist’: Resistance slang for radio operator. Their average life expectancy is six weeks.

But Rosie is brighter than most, and well-aware of the consequences of a second’s carelessness, bad luck and treachery. Or a fellow agent crumbling under torture, naming names...

Her brief is to set up a new network in Rouen, where the old one has been blown and an agent is suspected of betrayal. If she gets there, that is. Landing from a gunboat on the Brittany coast, she must to travel to Paris – carrying forged papers, a radio transceiver and more than a million francs in cash…

Frighteningly realistic, incredibly exciting, the Rosie Ewing Spy Thrillers are perfect for fans of Philip Kerr, Ian Fleming and John Le Carré.