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The first, and greatest, techno-thriller, from the million copy bestselling author.

'A defining novel of the genre and a lost classic' James Swallow

It is the height of the Cold War. British and American intelligence services have just learned of the Soviet Union’s latest aircraft: the MiG-31.

Codenamed "Firefox", the plane is a marvel of engineering – stealthy, hypersonic, with a thought-guided weapons system – outclassing anything flown by the West. Faced with Soviet air domination, MI6 and the CIA launch a daring mission to steal a Firefox prototype.

Veteran US Air Force pilot Mitchell Gant, is sent to the Soviet Union under an assumed identity. He seems the perfect man for the job. But, deep within the icy heart of Soviet power, the stakes are overwhelming: fail this mission, and lose the war…

‘Firefox is as tense and exciting as they come’Times Literary Supplement

‘Writes far better than Ludlum’ Washington Post

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