Flint and Roses

Publication Date:
ISBN: 9781788633475

Faith Aycliffe knows what she wants and refuses to substitute what she needs to get it. But 19th-century Yorkshire is a man’s world and Faith merely a pawn in the games of ambitious men.

Torn between the love of two men, Nicolas Barforth and his brother, Blaize, Faith must choose: Nicholas, possessive, ruthless and knows how to get everything out of success except happiness, or Blaize, who doesn’t share Faith’s adventurous spirit, but is witty, audacious and a lover of beautiful things. 

Wool-manufacturers and mill-owners, the Barforths are in conflict of their own with the old landed gentry. Now, as their lives full of love, hatred and struggle interweave, it may just be Faith who decides their destiny.

The second novel in the Barforth Trilogy, this gripping family saga is perfect for fans of Sandy Taylor, Katie Flynn and Josephine Cox.

The Barforth Trilogy

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