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Friends and Secrets

A saga of friendship from an ever-popular author

In their favourite café, a group of female friends meet regularly to discuss their troubles; but even friends can’t always tell each other the truth.

Cynthia is happily married to her lifelong sweetheart, but not even their present wealth and security makes her willing to reveal the abuse and trauma they suffered as children. Meriel’s husband has abandoned her for another woman. And well meaning but snobbish Joanne can’t admit that behind her prosperous façade, she’s struggling for every penny.

As new people enter their lives, these women must draw on all their resources to meet the challenges thrown at them. But can they learn to rely on each other, or will they stand alone?

Friends and Secrets is a heartwarming contemporary tale from Grace Thompson, the much-loved author of saga series including the Valley series, the Pendragon Island series, and the Badgers Brook series.

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ISBN: 9781911591047

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