The Gatecrashers

Publication Date:
ISBN: 9781911591580

The extraordinary, breathless final volume in the Nicholas Everard Naval Thrillers.

Six submarines are about to be towed underwater from Scotland to Norway. Their targets: the giant German warships TirpitzScharnhorstand Lutzow.

The odds seem stacked against the smaller craft. But if they can survive the nightmarish 2,000-mile tow, Commander Paul Everard will have a chance to gatecrash the fjords and cripple the ship Churchill calls ‘the Beast’.

Whether or not he succeeds, the chances of getting out alive are slim. If he fails, his father Nick Everard, escort commander for Arctic convoy PQ19, is in trouble: none of his ships can stand up to Tirpitz’s broadsides. As The Gatecrashers draws to its thunderous climax, father and son face their final and most searching test…

Based on the thrilling true story of Operation Source, The Gatecrashers is the blistering culmination of the bestselling Nicholas Everard Naval Thrillers.

The Nicholas Everard Naval Thrillers

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