A Gathering of Saints

Publication Date:
ISBN: 9781788636230

A savage killer. A military conspiracy. A devastating secret.

London, 1940: the Blitz has begun, and Hitler’s Luftwaffe rains down terror. Against this apocalyptic backdrop, DI Morris Black pursues a lone psychopath who stalks and kills his victims with methodical precision.

Tracking the killer from corpse to corpse, Black uncovers a chilling pattern: each is murdered at the site of a German raid  – hours before the bombing occurs.

Now, Black is plunged into a maze of international intrigue in which a ruthless Gestapo spy, a beautiful American agent, and the British high command race to expose the murderer. At stake is a secret Britain will keep from the Nazis at any cost – a military code – that is about to emerge in the perverse logic and bloody crimes of the killer.

A riveting novel drawn from shattering true events in the dawn of World War II, perfect for fans of Robert Harris, Frederick Forsyth and Rory Clements.