Harvest of Swords

Publication Date:
ISBN: 9781788632386

Rivalry in love and battle in this historical adventure set in the English Civil War.

In the late autumn of the first year of the English Civil War, William Sparrow and Hugo Telling are again caught up in the impossible confusion tearing the country and their lives apart. Yet this time their greatest battles, fought on both land and sea, are with a new enemy, Lord Clavincale.

As they struggle through the bitterly cold Dorset winter, their hard-won experience is enough to lead their men, but never equal to capture the most alluring prize of all, Bella Morrison; especially when there is new competition for her hand…

The fourth instalment of The Shadow on the Crown series, Harvest of Swords is perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell and David Gilman.

The Shadow on the Crown

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