High Treason

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Ebook ISBN: 9781800320963

His country stands on the brink of chaos – failure is not an option.

The U.S. vice president’s motorcade is hit in a vicious, expertly planned attack that throws Washington, D.C. into chaos. Everyone assumes it’s ISIS – everyone but young FBI agent Jennifer Lin. She is certain that Russia is behind the strike.

Half a world away, military contractor Tom Locke has his own doubts about what happened. He suspects his former employer, Apollo Outcomes, might be involved. But why would the global security firm orchestrate an attack on US soil?

Locke discovers that a civil war has fractured Apollo. A rogue division has splintered off, led by an unprincipled former colleague who may have planned the attack himself. But Apollo couldn’t have pulled this off without help from inside the government, which means there must be a traitor high up in either the White House or the NSA.

But why? And who could be pulling the strings? Only Locke can get to the bottom of the conspiracy that traverses the globe, and blow it apart with one strategic strike before it’s too late.

In this pulse-pounding third action thriller for fans of Brad Thor and David Baldacci, hero Tom Locke, introduced in Shadow War and Deep Black, must stop traitors and ruthless mercenaries working together to overthrow the president.

Praise for High Treason

‘McFate just might be the next Tom Clancy, only I think he’s even better... The action is non-stop and shuttles back and forth between scary-believable and rollicking good fun. I read High Treason during a six-hour plane ride and the trip went by like the snap of my fingers’ – James Patterson

High Treason has brutal assassinations, shocking betrayals, even heated gun battles in the shadow of the White House. It had me breathless – from the sheer audacity of its storytelling to its breakneck pacing. It’s not to be missed!’ – James Rollins, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Last Odyssey

A Tom Locke Thriller

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