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Highland Sisters

Can they put the past behind them?

Lorne Malcolm’s wedding to her handsome suitor Daniel MacNeil is a joyful day much looked forward to by both families. But by the time Lorne’s older sister, Rosa, returns from a trip to the flower shop on the morning of the wedding, Lorne has disappeared.

When news arrives that Lorne has run off to Ireland with a wealthy landowner’s son, Rory Thain, their families are shocked. None more so than Daniel. Jilted on his own wedding day, a devastated Daniel turns to Rosa for comfort. Despite her initial misgivings, Rosa's feelings for Daniel grow, and the pair’s friendship blossoms into something more. The two are soon married, but is Rosa truly the sister Daniel loves?

A tender family saga set in Scotland, perfect for fans of Rosie Goodwin and Annie Murray.

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ISBN: 9781804361214

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