The Hippopotamus Marsh

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ISBN: 9781788632546

What could drive a man to revolt against an all powerful Pharaoh? The epic first novel in a classic Egyptian historical adventure trilogy

Seqenenra Tao, Prince of Waset, will lead the a revolt against the the Hyksos, interlopers who have ruled Egypt for over two hundred years. Descendant of the last true pharaohs, Seqenenra Tao must rally the native princes of Upper Egypt to rebel against the foreigners, their alien gods and barbarous ways.

The quiet Tao family, with their deep devotion to their god Amun, are driven to resist by the increasingly ridiculous demands of the Hyksos, made in an effort to humiliate and degrade them. Together they must overcome their fear of going to war, knowing what the outcome will almost certainly be death…

The Hippopotamus Marsh begins an epic trilogy that brings to vivid life the passions and intrigues which ushered in the great Eighteenth Dynasty, perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell and Christian Jacq.

‘Brings to life the majestic world of ancient Egypt…compelling’ Washington Post Book World

‘Gedge excels at setting the scene and subtly evoking a sense of the period as she tells a timeless story of greed, love, and revenge’ Kirkus Reviews

‘Blends impeccable historical research with superb fiction’ Cleveland Plain Dealer

‘An Egypt so real and complete that I sank into it utterly…she took me into a living Egypt, steeped in belief and work, fiery with the sun and cooled by the Nile, blessed and cursed by its gods, and thronging with men and women as immediate to me as my neighbours. What a triumph’ Cecelia Holland

‘In the tradition of Mary Renault…A sensuous, teeming, complex world of intrigue and passion’ San Francisco Chronicle

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