The Long Day’s Dying

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Ebook ISBN: 9781800321922

Three commandos. Cut off. Surrounded. Desperate.

Adapted for the screen by Peter Collinson in 1968, winner of the Golden Shell at the San Sebastián International Film Festival.

They were three soldiers, on watch in the French countryside, their base a disused barn. Three ordinary men seconded into the horrors of World War II, each with his own ideals, his own feelings, his own fears.

Their task was a nightmare of waiting. German forces were stationed over the brow of a hill, and every moment of every day passed in nerve-shattering anticipation of their first clash. When the clash finally came, it was not merely a battle of force and brutality but a complex and murderous struggle between the cunning and ruthlessness of both sides...

The Long Day's Dying is a novel that portrays the horror, the waste, the tension and the terror of war with a passionate realism. The book is a classic; once taken up, it cannot be put down; once read, it will never be forgotten.

The WW2 Commando Missions

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