A Long Way from Heaven

Publication Date:
ISBN: 9781911591191

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The first in the unputdownable and heartbreaking Feeney Family sagas

One fateful morning in August 1846, Patrick Feeney surveys his ruined potato crop and despairs.

With a delicate wife and their unborn child, he has no choice but to leave Ireland and set out for England in search of work. But from the moment Patrick and Mary set foot in Liverpool, they are beset by new trials.

After moving to York, they are forced to settle in the nightmarish slums of Walmgate. Yet the very poverty and hopelessness of their surroundings binds the small community together. Only stubborn determination survive tragedy can win them hopes of a better life….

Peopled with rich and colourful characters, A Long Way From Heaven is a fresh, unpredictable saga of passion, struggle and humour, perfect for readers of Val Wood, Nadine Dorries or Rosie Goodwin.

‘Genuinely perceptive portrayals of human relationships’ Irish Independent