Lost and Found in Paris

Publication Date:
ISBN: 9781788633192

Sophie Marchant needs a lucky break. First her boyfriend announces that, far from wanting to get engaged, he’s off to Dubai for work. Then, in Paris, her mother goes missing.

Feeling totally lost and with nothing to lose, Sophie travels back to her childhood home for the first time in five years to help find her mother and look after the family macaron shop in Paris. It should be a dream gig, but when it comes to family - and love - nothing is ever that simple, especially when there’s a sexy, complicated ex involved...

Can Sophie find her mother? Can she find herself again? Who is she truly in love with? Maybe Paris, the gorgeous city of romance can help her figure all of this out…  

Lost and Found in Paris is a triumph, a brilliant and moving tale of love, family and heartbreak, perfect for fans of Holly Martin, Jenny Oliver and Tilly Tennant