Love For An Enemy

Publication Date:
ISBN: 9781911591467

In wartime Egypt, can a British submarine commander trust his Italian lover?

1941: The teeming city of Alexandria is almost under siege by the Afrika Korps. A vortex of ancient loves and murderous intrigues, Alexandria is the Royal Navy’s major Eastern Mediterranean base. But Italian frogmen and their so-called ‘human torpedoes’ are posing a lethal threat to British warships.

Hardly the time or place for a British submarine commander to fall in love; especially as the girl in question is half-Italian, and Alexandria’s large Italian population is only too eager to welcome Rommel and his troops into town.

Interspersed with scenes of naval action described in gripping and authentic detail – and seen through Italian as much as British eyes – the human drama unfolds, its actors ever aware of the mounting threat of a German breakthrough.

A stunning naval thriller sure to enthral readers of Philip McCutchan and Jeff Edwards, Love For An Enemy shows Alexander Fullerton at the peak of his form.