Love Letters in the Sand

Publication Date:

Ebook ISBN: 9781788638821
Print ISBN: 9781800323056

She must decide whether to follow her head or her heart

Irene Miller can’t help falling for her friend Peggy’s handsome older brother, Marty. But Marty is trapped in an unhappy marriage and nothing can come of it. Meanwhile, Peggy is desperate to marry her long-term boyfriend Pete. But Peggy’s staunchly Catholic parents would never accept a Protestant son-in-law, and she decides the only way to resolve her issues is to escape to a place where nobody can find her.

With no job, no family to stay for and no hope of a future with Marty, an unexpected job offer from America offers Irene a lifeline. But it would mean never seeing Marty again. Will Irene and Peggy solve their problems by running away – or should they follow their hearts back home to Liverpool?

An inspirational tale of love and friendship, perfect for fans of Kitty Neale and Lyn Andrews.