Mrs Hudson and the Lazarus Testament

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Ebook ISBN: 9781910859865
Print ISBN: 9781788631440

A dark mystery for Sherlock Holmes… and of course Mrs Hudson!

A man is accidentally knocked down outside 221B Baker Street by a carriage. His dying words are clear: he has seen a man rise from the grave.

At the same time a visitor arrives with a mystery of unparalleled international importance. The Viscount Wrexham is missing, presumed dead, in strange circumstances.

In the North, rumours stir of a dead man haunting the moors. Broomheath Hall is, apparently, beset by ghostly lights and spectres. What does it all mean? Can arcane knowledge bring people back from the dead? And what is the connection with the Cumberland town of Alston?

The redoubtable Mrs Hudson - Sherlock Holmes’ housekeeper and the Great Detective’s best kept secret - and her assistant Flotsam are once again thrown into dark adventure full of gripping twists and murderous intrigue. Together with Holmes and Dr. Watson they must race against the forces of darkness to uncover the truth behind the mysterious document known as the Lazarus Testament.

As mystery after mystery is slowly uncovered, everyone’s future hangs in the balance. The puzzle must be solved. But not before a slice of Dundee cake...

The third in the bestselling Sherlock Holmes & Mrs Hudson Mysteries, this is a dark but heart-warming story that will transport readers to a Victorian world of foggy streets, snow-covered fells and grand characters.

A Holmes & Hudson Mystery

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