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None So Blind

When the truth lies out of sight...

West Wales, 1850. When an old tree root is dug up, the remains of a young woman are found. Harry Probert-Lloyd, a young barrister forced home from London by encroaching blindness, has been dreading this discovery.

He knows exactly whose bones they are.

Working with his clerk, John Davies, Harry is determined to expose the guilty. But the investigation turns up more questions than answers and raises long-buried secrets.

The search for the truth will prove costly. But will Harry and John pay the highest price?

An exceptional Victorian Welsh crime thriller, perfect for fans of Laura Shepherd-Robinson, Andrew Taylor and S. W. Perry.

Praise for Alis Hawkins

'Beautifully written, cunningly plotted, with one of the most interesting central characters' E.S. Thomson

'The most interesting historical crime creation of the year' Phil Rickman

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