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ISBN: 9781788632959

A breathtaking historical romance of loss, love, and heartbreak in eighteenth century Britain

When Emma Grady finds herself orphaned one fateful night in 1860, she is left at the mercy of her devious aunt and cruel uncle Caleb Crowther. A feared Lancashire Justice, Caleb Crowther is a womaniser and a gambler, and now the inheritance due Emma is as much in his hands as is the beautiful girl herself.

But Caleb lives in fear of the past, for how did Emma’s mother mysteriously die? And what is the reason behind the family’s hatred for the river people? History seems likely to repeat itself when Emma falls desperately in love with Marlow Tanner, a young barge captain. For Marlow and Emma, it is an impossible love – a love made in Heaven but one which could carry them both to Hell.

The first heart-wrenching book in The Emma Grady Sagas, perfect for fans of Lisa Wingate and Fiona Davis

The Emma Grady Sagas

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