Pengarron Land

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Ebook ISBN: 9781788630726
Print ISBN: 9781788634052

Amidst the rugged beauty of eighteenth-century Cornwall, a sweeping novel of hope and heartbreak. 

Kerensa Trelynne is overjoyed to be marrying her childhood sweetheart, Clem Trenchard, even though it will be a wrench to leave the idyllic cove and tumbledown cottage she shares with her grandfather, Old Tom.

But when local landowner Sir Oliver Pengarron sets his sights on their home, everything changes. Old Tom dashes all of Kerensa’s hopes when he agrees to sell Trelynne Cove on one fateful condition – Sir Oliver must marry his granddaughter.

As her life is turned upside down and her future thrown into turmoil, Kerensa comes to realise that true love is far more complex than childhood romance.

The first instalment of the Pengarron Sagas, perfect for fans of Poldark.

The Pengarron Sagas

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