Pengarron Pride

Publication Date:
ISBN: 9781788630702

The second of the Pengarron sagas set in the mid-eighteenth century against the dramatic scenery of Mount's Bay, Penzance

Forced into a marriage against her will, Kerensa Trelynne has adapted well to her change in circumstances. Eight years on she is the established lady of the manor, happy in the arms of her husband Sir Oliver Pengarron – who she has grown to love – and the devoted mother of three children.

But when Kerensa sees the son of an old friend for the first time, she is horrified by his resemblance to her own husband. Discovering a truth she must never divulge puts her mind at rest, but when she realises it could help a friend in distress, Kerensa wonders if she should speak out, whatever the consequences for her own family.

Fans of Dilly Court, Nicola Pryce and Poldark will love the breathtaking second book in the Pengarron Sagas.

The Pengarron Sagas

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