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Perfect People

If it was the only way of having a child... would you do it? An unputdownable thriller from the global Number One bestseller author of the Roy Grace series.

After the tragic loss of their young son to a rare genetic disorder, John and Naomi discover they both carry a rogue gene. Having another child by conventional means is too much risk to bear.

When they find geneticist Dr Leo Dettore it seems like the answer to their prayers. Every aspect of the child can be chosen and manufactured, from height and eye colour to intelligence and sporting prowess. But realising the danger too late, Naomi is already pregnant when they understand the nightmare world they are entering…

A world of perfect people.

Utterly gripping and frighteningly plausible, Perfect People is a shocking thriller you won’t be able to put down about what happens when humans play God.

Praise for Perfect People

'Peter James's clever page-turner Perfect People focuses not on the past but risks for the future.' The Times

'As ever, James writes beautifully, maintaining the pace with short, punchy chapters. But it's his firm grasp of the moral issues surrounding designer babies that makes Perfect People so satisfying – and so unsettling.' Guardian

'James has produced a suitably breathless fan-pleaser about accelerating evolution.' Daily Telegraph

'The ending is so horrifyingly scary that I was unable to sleep properly for several nights.' Mail on Sunday

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