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Rat Trap

An airliner has been hijacked and the clock is ticking... The riveting first novel from Craig Thomas, father of the technothriller

There is relief at Heathrow Airport after a Boeing 707 touches down safely, having experienced engine trouble mid-flight. But when the pilot stops answering the control tower’s radio calls, panic spreads again.

During the landing, the plane was hijacked by a group of Americans. Their demands? The release of a known terrorist, Shafiq Nasoud, currently being held at HMP Dartmoor, and a clear flight to Lebanon. The price? The lives of everyone on board.

The Home Office quickly mobilises operation ‘Rat Trap’. ‘Ratcatcher’ Hilary Latymer will negotiate with the terrorists, and Nasoud will be brought to London. The exchange will be executed safely and there are to be no casualties. But then the prisoner escapes…

Craig Thomas’ first novel, Rat Trap, is a thrill-ride through the sky, perfect for fans of Robert Ludlum, Andy McNab and Brad Thor.

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