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Shadow of the Eagle

Will Britain take him in... or mark him as its enemy?

Faustus Valerianus is the son of a Roman father and a British mother, a captive sold among the spoils after Claudius’s invasion.

Now both parents have died within a month of each other, and so he sells the family farm and enlists, joining legendary general Agricola’s campaign to conquer the entirety of the British Isles culminating in a devastating battle amongst Caledonia's dark mountains.

But Faustus will have to contend with more than ferocious British warriors and whip-cracking elements. For the bonds of blood can weigh heavy on one’s soul. The call of his mother’s true people. His father’s restless shadow. Faustus must carry them with him…

A deeply moving, gripping, epic historical drama, perfect for fans of Rosemary Sutcliff, Ben Kane and Simon Scarrow.

Praise for Shadow of the Eagle

'I only need one word to describe this stunning novel: masterful' Anthony Riches

'A haunting, historical epic' Gordon Doherty, author of Sons of Rome

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