Sixty Minutes for St. George

Publication Date:
ISBN: 9781911591511

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The thrilling and authentic Nicholas Everard naval thriller

On St George’s Day 1918 the Royal Navy launch a desperate assault on the German base of Zeebrugge. In the sixty minutes from touchdown to withdrawal, eleven VCs were won and hundreds lay dead or wounded.

Churchill said the raid ‘may well rank as the finest feat of arms of the Great War’.

Sub-lieutenant Nicholas Everard finds himself in the thick of it: working on minelaying operations, manning coastal patrols and, above all, fighting in savage clashes with enemy destroyers. He must not only fight his skilled opponents: he must fight the odds...

Alexander Fullerton’s outstanding ability to recreate the war as it was felt and lived bursts from every line of this extraordinary novel, the second in the Nicholas Everard series.

The Nicholas Everard Naval Thrillers

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