Sixty Minutes for St. George

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ISBN: 9781911591511

Churchill called it the finest feat of arms of the Great War…

After a punishing winter patrolling the Strait of Dover aboard HMS MackerelNicholas Everard finds himself leading a secret mission to capture a German trawler. Little does he know it is all in preparation for the Zeebrugge Raid.

As dawn breaks on St George’s Day, 1918, the Royal Navy launch a desperate assault on the Belgian submarine base, scuttling multiple blockships to trap the U-boats in the harbour.

In sixty minutes of fire and fury, eight Victoria Crosses are won and hundreds of British sailors sink to their deaths. But will Nick be one of them?

An extraordinary portrait of violence and valour, perfect for fans of C.S. Forester and Douglas Reeman.

The Nicholas Everard Naval Thrillers

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