Stalking Point

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Ebook ISBN: 9781800323216

A covert game of cat and mouse will decide the victor of the Second World War.

1941. The battleship Prince of Wales races across the war-darkened Atlantic. Her secret human cargo makes her an irresistible prize for U-Boats. And the man she carries can, singlehanded, win or lose the war for Britain.

But the most lethal threat comes from the air. For on the far side of the ocean three men are waiting for their brief to strike a deathblow for Germany.

As the battleship nears its destination, a seaplane roars into life, and the deadly game begins in earnest…

A vintage and enthralling WWII thriller from a master of the genre, this is top-rate historical fiction, perfect for fans of Max Hennessy, Alistair MacLean and Nevil Shute.

The Duncan Kyle Collection

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