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ISBN: 9781910859889

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The original novel of submarine warfare, available for the first time as an ebook after selling over half a million copies in its original editions

Written with a blazing intensity, it is a stirring and compellingly authentic journey through the greatest conflict in history, drawing upon the author’s first-hand experience. Get ready for adventure!

Surface! is Fullerton’s first novel, released in 1953 and based on his own life as a submarine torpedo officer. A tale of one crew’s hardship, camaraderie and great daring on board a British submarine serving in Asian waters during the Second World War.

This is life on HMS Seahound: routine and special operations; boarding Chinese junks; creeping through minefields; engaging a Japanese cruiser; evading depth charges; returning to the port of Ceylon and the Depot Ship; and then off again into action with unerring zeal. But can they keep evading tragedy forever? And if the war ends, will they really be able to cope with life on the surface?