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The Bear's Tears

The trap is baited: enemies at every corner, evidence of treason and a dark secret going back forty years… Teardrop is ready for Aubrey.

A Russian defector is picked up by the Americans, and the information he yields is explosive: a secret file, codenamed ‘Teardrop’, contains overwhelming evidence that British Intelligence Director-General Kenneth Aubrey, has been a deep-cover Soviet agent since 1946. Aubrey is arrested in Vienna on charges of treason, his guilt compounded by allegations that he murdered a high-ranking British civil servant forty years earlier.

But Aubrey’s top field agent Patrick Hyde suspects foul play. He believes there may be collusion between the Russians and British Intelligence to destroy Aubrey – and perhaps the Secret Intelligence Service itself.

Alone, hunted by both the KGB and the British, Hyde is forced across the Iron Curtain and deep into Moscow, at the heart of the Soviet bloc. To clear Aubrey’s name he must break into the world’s most guarded computer, and reveal its innermost secret… the truth behind Teardrop.

An emotionally fraught tale of deception and intrigue, The Bear’s Tears confirms Craig Thomas as a master thriller-writer. Perfect for fans of Frederick Forsythe and Tom Clancy.

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