The Blooding of the Guns

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ISBN: 9781911591504

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The first in the epic and unputdownable Nicholas Everard naval thriller series

Jutland, 1916: In the windswept North Sea, the Royal Navy awaits the challenge of the Kaiser’s High Sea Fleet. One hundred and fifty British ships, manned by sixty thousand sailors, stand ready for battle in the icy waters…

Nicholas Everard, a sub-lieutenant on a destroyer, is going into combat. Little does he know what is in store for himself and his shipmates. How it feels to be in a small ship, racing to launch torpedoes into a line of dreadnoughts’ blazing guns; how it feels to be inside a battleship’s fifteen-inch turrets; or on the bridge of a cruiser under pulverising bombardment.

This is battle at sea. How can Everard survive the onslaught?

Dramatic, action-packed and meticulously researched, The Blooding of the Guns launches the epic career of Nicholas Everard in this unforgettable series.

The Nicholas Everard Naval Thrillers

  1. The Blooding of the Guns
  2. Sixty Minutes for St. George
  3. Patrol to the Golden Horn
  4. Storm Force to Narvik
  5. Last Lift from Crete
  6. All the Drowning Seas
  7. A Share of Honour
  8. The Torch Bearers
  9. The Gatecrashers