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The Lost Prince

‘Hawker is a terrific creation’ Bernard Cornwell

Are they saving a prince, or unchaining a monster?

December 1476. The infamous Vlad the Impaler – Dracula – is reported killed in a Turkish ambush: the brutal scourge of the Ottomans is no more…

November 1485. Nine years later, mysterious Hungarian noblewoman Maria Hunyadi lays a quest at the feet of Sir John Hawker, loyal retainer to the fallen King Richard III and protector of Richard’s illegitimate son, Sir Giles Ellingham. The mission: to liberate her father from imprisonment in a remote Wallachian mountain fortress. The prisoner: Vlad Dracula.

Indebted to Maria for saving his men’s lives in Venice, Hawker reluctantly accepts her story and agrees to come to her aid. But any rescue will be fraught with danger. There are powerful forces at work who would not want the great warlord found alive.

But is Maria really who she says she is? Is she looking for more than just her father? And is the Impaler truly alive, after all this time – a lost prince?

From the fringes of the Hungarian empire to the dark mountain forests of Saxon Transylvania, Hawker must contend with enemies on all sides, and those unseen within the company itself. The exciting sequel to Hawker and the King’s Jewel – described by Bernard Cornwell as ‘brilliant’ – perfect for fans of Christian Cameron and David Gilman.

Praise for Hawker and the King’s Jewel

‘A brutal, brilliant tale, told with verve and pace. Hawker is a terrific creation’ Bernard Cornwell

‘Bale takes the reader from the terror of battle where a crown is lost and won to the sparkling jewel that is Venice, teeming with intrigue and treachery. Great storytelling’ David Gilman, author of the Master of War series

'An absolute gem of a novel. I was taken aback by Bale's skill and talent. Meticulously researched, with a totally authentic medieval feel, the novel fizzes with action, romance and intrigue. A gripping yarn' Angus Donald, author of the Outlaw series

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