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The Notekeeper

In order to love again, first she’ll need to learn how to live again…

Following a tragedy, Zoe flees Australia and makes a life for herself in the UK. Two years later, working as a care nurse in Bath and knowing just how much comfort last words can bring, Zoe has taken it upon herself to become a notekeeper - writing down the final thoughts of her patients and delivering them to their loved ones.

Zoe’s new boss, Ben, isn’t happy about her getting so involved in the patients’ lives. Even as they clash, they both begin to realise that facing one’s past is the only way to move on.

But life is never straightforward, especially for Zoe. In finally opening up her heart after all these years, is she about to have it broken all over again?

An original and spellbinding story for fans of Jojo Moyes, Dani Atkins and Libby Page.

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