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The Posthorn Inn

A charming historical tale of smuggling, village gossip and romance on the rugged Welsh coast, perfect for fans of Poldark

The enigmatic Barrass delivers post in the village of Mumbles. He works long hours for little pay, and his home is a cold, damp lean-to. But half the young women in the village seem sweet on him, and indeed, three girls claim their babies are his.

Olwen, a local fisherman’s daughter, seeks a way out of the drudgery and to prove wrong those who see her as ‘just a girl’. Ambitious and in love with Barrass, she strives to prove to the him that she is worthy of his affections.

But with the temptations of illegal smuggling, alehouses and his other suitors, will Barrass want to settle down at all?

The Posthorn Inn is packed with unforgettable characters, exquisite period detail and enduring charm and romance. It is a must for fans of Nicola Pryce, Gloria Cook and Winston Graham’s Poldark novels.

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