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The Puppet Masters

What does it feel like to live a lie - and betray your country? A gripping history of secret intelligence

From France’s brilliant female impersonator and secret agent to the infamous Cambridge spy ring, John Hughes-Wilson offers a nerve-shredding insight into the work – and treacheries – of the spies who shaped history. From WWII’s cryptography to Elizabeth I and the hunt for Osama bin Laden, the hidden hand of intelligence is exposed behind every critical decision.

Written by an ex-intelligence officer, The Puppet Masters lifts the veil on the role of spying and intelligence in the great events of history with thrilling clarity. Perfect for readers of Ben Macintyre.

‘John Hughes-Wilson has a lively pen and an eye for a good anecdote… an enjoyable romp through world history’ The Sunday Telegraph

‘A powerful book… there should be a well-thumbed copy of this book on every general’s bedside table…’ The Spectator

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